Bar Runners

Coaster Kings bar runners are Australian made using premium materials.
• Flat felt with heavy duty 100% rubber backing.
• Standard size - 870x245mm
• Fully washable
• Full colour printing
• Minimum order Qty: 10

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How Can Personalised Beer Mats Help Your Establishment?

Here's how custom beer mats can help:

  • Increase brand awareness – Every company, regardless of their industry, needs to have a strong brand and image to keep customers coming back and become a household name. Personalised beer mats will help you do just that.
  • Show customers you pay attention to detail – People can choose to drink at home rather than visit a bar to save money, so you need to show them that your establishment is worth visiting. If customers can see you've paid attention to even the smallest details, they'll know your bar is worth frequenting.
  • Complement your bar's style – You need to ensure your bar conveys a particular style to attract your target market, and while that means paying attention to the decorations and furnishings, it also means focusing on the likes of beer mats and posters.

One Small Touch Can Make a Significant Impact

At Coaster Kings, we know how much difference something like personalised bar mats can make, which is why our graphic designers will pull out all the stops to convey your company in its best light in their designs. Alternatively, you can tell us which photo or design you need, and we'll print your mats to the highest standards.

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How Personalised, Custom Bar Mats Can Help You Shine above the Competition

Plenty of people have ambitions to run a bar, especially those who are just about to graduate and imagine how they can make money while having fun. Unfortunately, however, running a bar successfully can be challenging, especially if you live in a city like Sydney or Melbourne where the competition is rife. You need to do everything in your power to ensure guests enjoy the environment you provide and decide to keep returning to your bar instead of choosing a different establishment. Of course, serving delicious drinks and stylishly decorating your premises is crucial, but you might want to go to further lengths to ensure your establishment wins repeat business.

If you want your bar to stand out in a fiercely competitive marketplace, you need to ensure it appears different and caters to people with particular tastes. Perhaps you could theme your bar to make it look unlike anything else in the area, or you could promote your brand so that people always remember who you are. It may sound small, but personalised beer mats can make a significant impact on the success of your bar. If you're looking for a company that can make high-quality, reusable beer mats that are value for money, you needn't look further than us.

At Coaster Kings, we've been a trusted company in our industry for over 21 years, and even though we primarily serve Australia, our success has led to us having worldwide operations. We create custom bar mats, coasters, and more for companies ranging from small shops to multinational corporations, so you can feel confident that we can cater to your requirements and exceed your expectations. Plus, we understand that you need to stick to strict deadlines, why is why we guarantee you won't experience any delays if you choose us.