Green Print

Sustainable Green Print

Sustainable Green Print (SGP) is the Australian printing industry's own recognisable certification program designed to help printing companies like Coaster Kings meet their environmental responsibilities and go above and beyond compliance. Based on an ISO14001 framework, SGP is tailored to meet our businesses requirements, the demands of our customers and the changing trends in dealing with managing environmental responsibility. Coaster Kings is currently certified Level 2 SGP and has been certified level 1 since 2011. We are very proud to be part of this certification program and help limit our effects on the environment.

Coaster Kings has taken on the responsibility with smart waste management, recycling and product processes, to improve our impact to the environment. The Australian Printing Industry’s (SGP) Sustainable Green Print program was introduced to Coaster Kings in 2011. Our business was one of the first on the North Coast of Australia to be certified. No. 17 in Australia. The program has introduced levels of management and control to our company with attention to waste streams, conserving energy, safety, storage and handling of chemicals, energy and emissions. At Coaster Kings the environment is very important to us and we see it as our obligation to care and protect it.

Waste Management

Coaster Kings recyclables include beermat board, metal plates, plastic containers, plastic wrap from pallets, lazer printer ink cartidges, film negs and anything else that can be recycled. Beermat board which is our sole paper stock used at Coaster Kings is imported from Finland & Sweden from purpose grown plantation forests. It is recycled 2 different ways:

  1. All drink coaster skeletons “the board that is left over after the drink coasters have been die cut and popped” are recycled along with any additional office paper waste.
  2. Recycled stock coaster. We take print sheet runners, setups and overs and reprint over the top, die cut and pop out as a brand new product to use “Coaster Kings Recycled Stockies”. These are available to purchase at a great price on our website.

At Coaster Kings we source environmental friendly printing chemicals and products to use when printing with little or no impact to the environment. We use a chemical treatment company, to dispose of any leftover chemical wastes and un-recyclable containers. This process is carefully monitored by and compliant with the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). All metal plates and film negatives are collected and recycled.

Vegetable Based Ink

Our printing inks are vegetable based made from renewable resources such as soy and linseed oil.